EXPERIENCE THE US AS AN AU PAIR                    1 year from 800$

The program provides qualified young women and men the opportunity to live with an American family while working as an au pair – caring for family’s children. Since 1989, the program has placed over 50 000 au pairs with families in the US and is designated by the Department of State as an official au pair program sponsor.

The program will match you with a caring host family, sponsor your visa, organize your travel, and provide constant support to ensure you have a successful year.

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〉skills & requirements


  • love caring for children
  • have previous experience in childcare
  • be between ages of 18 and 26
  • be a secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • be proficient in English
  • be in good health
  • have a valid driver’s license

Au pairs need to have experience caring for children, speak English, be licensed to drive a car, and agree to the other conditions set by the US Department of State regulating au pairs in the US.

As an au pair you will provide personalized childcare up to 45-hours per week. An au pair’s duties may include light housekeeping related to the children, and other childcare support, such as:

  • supervising and playing with your family’s children
  • preparing children’s meals
  • straightening children’s rooms
  • doing children’s laundry
  • driving children to school, appointments and activities



  • make a real difference in the lives of children
  • teach Americans about your culture and learn about theirs
  • improve your English
  • take classes at an American college or university
  • earn money while experiencing life in the US
  • make new friends and travel in your free time
  • gain maturity, confidence and international work experience



  • timely matching with a screened, caring host family
  • au Pair orientation Training Program in New York City
  • 2-Weeks paid vacdation and 4-weeks to travel at the end of your year
  • regularly scheduled social and cultural activities with other au pairs
  • year-long support of a local representative


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To apply to become and au pair, you will submit a detailed electronic application, including a childcare resume, essays, photographs, video, recent medical check-up, and police background check. You will also need at least two childcare references and one character reference. Every au pair is interviewed in person by local representative.


  1. Au Pair requirements – The first step to becoming an au pair is to confirm that you meet Au Pair Care’s program qualifications.
  2. How to apply – The application process is easy! If you think you meet program qualifications, start by contacting our office. We are available to support you during the entire application process. You’ll also have access to helpful information about your program in Au Pair Room, our online resource for au pairs.
  3. Interview with a local representative – As part of our application process, you’ll also be interviewed in person and in English by an Au Pair Care representative and take a psychometric test.
  4. Submit your complete application – After Au Pair Care accepts your application, your profile will be viewable by host families online.
  5. Recieve an interview invitation from your host family.
  6. Interview with a host family – You are required to interview on the phone/Skype at least two times with a host family before you match with them.
  7. Agree to match and choose the arrival date.
  8. Prepare for your departure – You will have at least 4 weeks to prepare for your departure.
  9. Attend Au-Pair Academy in New York – You will meet other au pairs and recieve training in child safety, child development, and CPR/ First Aid.
  10. Arrive at your host family home



The helpful, caring and experienced support of the staff ensures your year in the US will be a rewarding one.


You will get to choose your host family and also, the families are carefully sreened to ensure you will be in a comfortable environment. Experienced representative interviews each family in-person, and assesses the family’s suitability for the program. Unique on-line matching service allows the system to make the best match between your preferences and those of the host family. Most host families are working parents with 1-3 children, typically between ages of 1-8 years old, and live in suburbs outside of cities. Families are open to new ideas, interested in the world and other countries, and look forward to learning about your culture. Most of all, they want you to feel welcome in your new home, and want you to become part of the family.


Once you have matched and an arrival dates is set, you will tavel to New York City to attend the Orientation Training Program. This three day/four night course provides instructions on child development, child health and safety and adjusting to life in the US. It is also an opportunity to meet other au pairs and explore the best NYC has to offer.
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Once you are with your host family, your local representative is available to provide guidance whenever you need it. They will introduce you to other au pairs in the region and organize monthly events in your area. You will also be supported by our 24-hour toll-free emergency phone service.
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You are also offered the opportunity to extend your stay for an additional 12 months. A second year allows you to deepend your connection with your host family and gives you more time to explore and experience life in the US.


  • a 12-month J-1 cultural exchange visa
  • round-trip airfare from your country to New York City, and one-way airfare to your host community
  • a weekly stipend ($195) paid to you by your host family
  • an educational fund ($500) to pay for your local classes
  • 2-Weeks (ten days) paid vacation time
  • a month to travel after completing your year
  • private room and full board provided by your host family
  • full medical and accident insurance
  • an option to extend your program

〉life in america as an au pair & A student


As an au pair, you’ll have lots of time to experience life in America. With your host family you’ll learn about US in everyday setting, as well as discover the US as a tourist. You’ll get to know the community, visit new places on weekends, and travel during your two-week paid vacation. Your J-1 visa also gives you an extra month to travel at the end of your program. So whether you see the US on your own, or with your friends you meet on the program, there are many advantages waiting for you!


Au pairs are adventurous, curious, and interested in learning about new countries and cultures. Most importantly, they love spending time with children. As an au pair you will spend up to 45 hours per week taking care of children and related childcrae duties. An average day might include taking host children to the park, playing games, baking cookies with them, and helping them clean their room. During free time, you may get together with other au pairs for a movies, take  a trip to explore a nearby city, or join your host family for a barbecue or weekend outing to the beach. Life as an au pair is busy, fun, challenging and different every day.


Pursuing educational opportunities is part of your year in the US. You’ll choose classes at a local college or university where you will earn academic credits. Studying in the US will give you a chance to make American friends, experience campus life, and explore academic interests. You may want to study Art History, Advanced English, Astronomy or American Cinema! Your host family will provide you with up to $500 towards your studies.


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