What first brought me to California many years ago was the desire to find new places, gain new knowledge and make new friends. I went there to broaden my knowledge as well as my horizons and to find the missing piece of my life puzzle. I found it all and more. California lived up to my biggest expectations and inspired me, and I always enjoy going back.

Do you want to broaden your knowledge in a different and modern way? I have the solution for you – a new dimension of intelligent travelling that activates your mind and encourages soul-searching curiosity.


You can witness all the excitement from a student’s perspective – on the world-renowned UCLA campus. Explore, enjoy and connect with new people from all over the world. Develop your travel intelligence with new knowledge, smart choices and an authentic experience of California.

Do you know that you never forget your student days? Live on the UCLA campus.

Some experiences have the power to change our lives for the better. New Intelligence programs in California offer just that since they combine authenticity with diversity – and with a little innovation and creativity thrown in for safe measure.


With a summer program at UCLA, you are one step closer toward fulfilling your dreams, whether through knowledge, summer excitement or an unforgettable experience. It will always be a part of you and your future.

Hey, how to broaden the horizon?

You have to know that some experiences actually do change your life for the better. New Intelligence programs in California enable such experiences because they combine the most important ingredients: gaining new knowledge, debating with energetic professors, taking part in exclusive fun, making new friendships and engaging in countless top-level sport opportunities – all of which contribute to broader horizons.

My team and I therefore invite you to join us. We know how to make your journey unforgettable and life-changing. We are young enough to understand your craziest wishes and just wise enough to add knowledge to your fun. And since what really matters in life when reaching your goals is confidence, we’ll throw that in, too.

“travel, experience, inspire.”

New Intelligence founder, Sebastian Gasser